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What is Obesity? What are the symptoms?

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What is Obesity? What are the symptoms?

Both obesity and overweight are defined as excessive accumulation of fat in the body. In this case, this fat accumulation in the body does not represent only an aesthetic problem, it is a problem that directly affects other pathologies and increases the risk of exposure to different diseases and health problems. It can lead to diseases such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

What is Obesity?

Obesity can be classified as a chronic disease. With the body mass index, it is possible to understand whether a person is obese. This is calculated by dividing a person’s weight by their height. In general, obesity occurs after a combination of various causes and factors such as genetics, lifestyle, physical activity level, diet, some medications, age, pregnancy. However, even if there are one or more risk factors, it can be prevented by diet, physical activity and behavioral changes.

There are many diseases caused by obesity. These:

  • diabetes type 2
  • high blood pressure
  • high blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Types of cancer
  • Gallbladder diseases
  • sexual health problems
  • fatty liver
  • Calcification
  • Sleep apnea

If obesity continues to progress, the quality of life may decrease and various psychological problems may occur due to obesity. These:

  • Depression
  • Social Isolation
  • Loss of sexual desire

What Are the Symptoms of Obesity?

Fat accumulation under the diaphragm and on the chest wall with obesity can cause increased pressure in the lungs. This can cause shortness of breath and a feeling of suffocation in the patient. These difficulties in breathing can prevent sleep and cause momentary pauses in breathing, that is, sleep apnea.

In addition to these, excess weight can also trigger joint problems and lower back pain. Pain is likely to occur, especially in the knees, ankles, and hips. Skin disorders are also common in obese people because their body surface is small for their weight and heat cannot be removed efficiently. For this reason, people with obesity problems sweat more than others.

Due to fluid accumulation in people with obesity problems, swelling in the ankles and various areas of the body, ie edema, may occur.

What are the Causes of Obesity?

Genetic reasons, hormonal reasons and behavioral reasons can cause obesity. But obesity usually occurs when a person takes in more calories than they burn through physical activity. These extra calories cause fat accumulation in the body.

If the patient has a sedentary lifestyle, this encourages the emergence of excess calorie intake. Diet and nutritional habits are also important at this point, as the diet of obese people usually consists of fast food and high-calorie foods.

Can Obesity Be Prevented?

It is possible to take some precautions to prevent obesity. The best precautions:

  • Regular exercise. Moderate physical activity between 150-300 minutes a week prevents weight gain.
  • It is important to follow a healthy diet. A diet rich in nutrients and low in calories should be adopted.
  • Check your weight regularly.
  • Avoid situations that may cause you to eat uncontrollably.
  • Be patient.

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